We currently offer the following services to our customers. However, if you need anything that is not on the list please don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements

CSS Adaptive Web Design for Small Business
We build websites that automatically change the site layout to seamlessly fit the device that they are being called up on. This delivers the optimum user experience on either smart phone, desktop, laptop or tablet device. This methodology is applied to all of the sites that we build, which can range in scope from a single page to as many pages as you'll ever need. We can build your site based on either existing branding, imagery and copy that you send to us or we can take care of all that stuff for you. All of these factors are taken into account when the job is initially priced up. We also offer a range of what we call 'add-ons' which start from as little as £75. These are commonly requested additional functionality, such as slide shows and image galleries to display sales messages, examples of work or products and internet forms to collect customer data or service internet enquires.

Content Management Systems (CMS) and Site Update Contracts
Once you have your new website you'll invariably need to update the content from time to time. There are a couple of ways that we can go around facilitating this for you. If yours is the type of website that requires constant updating with new information, photos and products then you may be in the market for a Content Management System (CMS). If this is the case we can build you a web-based CMS system that allows you to update your own website with content updates via a simple web based admin system. However, if your website only needs updating occasionally, then it might be more cost effective to go for one of our bespoke monthly Site Update Contracts, which will get you a predefined amount of monthly content updates for a nominal monthly fee. Even if you do have a high volume of regular updates you may still opt for the Site Update Contract rather than the CMS if you like - the choice is yours!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) setup comes as standard on all websites that we build
At the core of any good online marketing strategy is your websites search engine presence. The first step to achieving good search engine returns is to make sure that your website is correctly indexed with Google and other leading search engines such as Ask, Bing and Yahoo. During the design and build process we will undertake basic research into relevant search terms being used online within your marketplace, then write your webpages head tags and page descriptions to reflect these findings. Google analytics will then be setup so that the you can track site traffic and your site will be submitted to the Top 4 Search Engines for indexing. We will then either give you some free advice on how to develop and improve your search engine rankings over time or place you onto one of our bespoke Online Marketing Contracts and take care of the whole process for you.

Online Marketing and Advertising Contracts
Starting from as little as £75 a month, each of our online marketing agreements is bespoke to every client and reflects each organisations individual requirements and budget. Most contracts include monthly search engine keyword analysis, regular web page meta information updates and resubmissions to search engines in order to identify and refine the search terms that deliver the best targeted traffic to your site. Back link building strategy and implementation is also used in order to generate improved rankings with the search engines as time goes by. Besides SEO for small business, we also create and manage Adword and Social Media advertising accounts for clients. This type of online marketing can be good for generating quick, targeted and cost effective sales leads to your web property and quickly building brand awareness online. The marketing mix is completed by Social Networking activity which we can setup and / or manage and advise on as part of the contract.

E:Commerce Solutions and Database Driven Websites
Based on the above design principles we also build secure online shopping enabled and database driven websites. These can obviously vary in scope tremendously, from selling a couple of products on your website to a fully fledged internet retail experience or complex data collection and management system.

Hosting, Email and Domain Transfer Services
Why not host your new website with us? We offer a fully managed web hosting and email setup and maintenance service starting from as little as £6.99 per month, including the creation of upto three email addresses @ your domain. We also take care of domain transfers and redirects on behalf of our clients when requested during any website redesign process.

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